Our certifications guarantee your service.


RB Group migrated its quality system from ISO 9001: 2000 to ISO 9001: 2008. We have a quality department, responsible for handling complaints and conducting surveys among our clients.

As a service provider, satisfaction levels are very important to RB Group, which is why we have endeavored to become certified in various aspects to ensure quality service in the shortest possible time.

The Authorized Economic Operator (OAS certificate) is an acknowledgment granted by the customs authorities that can be accessed by any economic agent that intervenes in the international trade logistics chain.

The ISO 9000 are a set of standards that establish the guidelines to achieve a certain quality of the final product or service but also a correct and efficient management system. They contain the guidelines to follow to achieve the quality objectives established in each case.

The transport of hazardous materials involves some inherent risks for the public, the environment and the properties that must be managed properly, so employees must receive HAZMAT certification before working with dangerous materials. For certification there will be training that provides familiarity with the general requirements of the HMR and allows the employee to recognize and identify hazardous materials.

Joint initiative between the American government and the private sector whose objective is to build cooperative relationships that strengthen the security of the entire supply chain and border security. C-TPAT recognizes that Customs can provide the highest degree of security through close cooperation between supply chain owners: importers, carriers, customs brokers, warehouses, and manufacturing companies. Through this initiative, Customs is asking importing companies in the United States to strengthen their security practices and communicate to their business partners throughout the supply chain, their safety guidelines.

FAST lanes allow certified companies to make a faster border crossing and with fewer inspections, so the journey time to avoid large lines is shorter.


  • Reduction in the number of inspections and waiting on the line

Instrument for cooperation between airlines, promoting safety, reliability, trust and economy in air transport for the economic benefit of its private shareholders, actively promotes trade facilitation and proactively supports the implementation of the Agreement on Trade Facilitation (AFC) of the WTO. Several IATA projects are closely related to the objectives of the AFC.

The CIAL Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Certificate provides a solution for situations in which it is necessary to demonstrate reliability and truthfulness. If the company seeks to demonstrate confidence, it can conduct an evaluation with credit data experts at CIAL D&B.

The certification of personnel focused on evaluating everything that represents a patrimonial risk for the company, preventing or detecting any illegal act such as incidents of theft, fraud, breaches of trust, trade secrets, among others, or preventing from the beginning in the selection of personal.