About us

About us

RB Group is a family business founded in 1947 by Don Rubén Bazán Vázquez, whose main objective has been to provide a high quality complete service respecting the policies of our clients.

Under the presidency of Rubén and Rodolfo Bazán Ancira, RB Group has expanded by opening new offices to provide a multi-customs service to our customers, guaranteeing a uniform, continuous service with personalized rates.

Through the concept of multi-customs, existing resources such as systems, communications network, traffic executives, account managers, training, customs advice, legal representation, government agency and transportation are used to provide a quality service to our customers, making them feel satisfied regardless of the customs or port through which they are being served.

We operate with six national patents of Mexican customs agent, authorized by the General Directorate of Customs to carry out dispatches, with the following patents:


3067 – Rubén Bazán Ancira

3171 – Rodolfo Cayetano Bazán Ancira

3855 – Sonia Alejandra Bazán Muzquiz

1635 – Rubén Bazán Muzquiz

1775 – Triana Celina Bazán Laurel

3696 – Miguel Ángel Vidal Osuna


RB Group has operated continuously since its founding, achieving excellent service for companies with high volumes of imports and exports, forging an excellent reputation.We also have different lines of business that help us make your operation a safe experience.



Own transfer line for the import and export merchandise crossing service through the Nuevo Laredo and Colombia bridges, available only to the RB Group business partners. They qualify with the requirements of the DOT (Department of Transportation), C-TPAT, with the ability to transport hazardous and oversized material. In addition to providing logistics service and deliver in Mexico City.

YBM Logistics

Associated line for the merchandise crossing service of both import and export through the Nuevo Laredo and Colombia bridges. As a complement to this service, it develops deliveries from the northern border to any point of the republic.

Turbo Transportation

It offers collection and delivery services to our customers, both in LTL or FTL cargo throughout the American Union, including door-to-door service between Mexico, the United States and Canada.

Bala Express

RB Group offers the services of national freight from the customs of Nuevo Laredo to any part of the Republic, the wares are transported in boxes of 53 feet.